4-8 Players

You, along with your fellow research students, are being sent to a remote island in the South Pacific. Your Professor, who had been researching volcanic activity on Tiki Island, hasn't been heard from in a few weeks. You need to search his mysterious and deserted hut built near the base of the active volcano. Can your group finish your beloved professor's research and stop the volcano from erupting? 

4-8 Players


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It's 1920's New York where jazz, dance clubs and new fashion trends are sweeping the city. Crime is also running rampant and gangs have taken over the city and are defying prohibition. To avoid jail, you and your gang have been forced to turn informants on the city's most notorious and illusive mob boss. You have gained access to his hidden Speakeasy where you must find the evidence that will lead to his arrest. You have one hour....can you save yourselves?