Birthdays and Special Events

EscapeQuest hosts a variety of special events including: Birthdays, Social Clubs, Ladies Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Student Groups and more! EscapeQuest will provide your group with a unique, challenging and fun experience where everyone is engaged and interacting. Each room has a story line and a mission for your group to complete making it very immersive. This is also a great ice breaker for parties where all of your guests may not know each other. Have everyone come in costume and make it a theme party!

Corporate or Team Building Events
EscapeQuest would be a great option for your next corporate team building event. Escape rooms require that everyone work together to complete a mission. This will trigger natural communication, focus, and support within your group so the team's ultimate success can be achieved. Instead of one large group, we will team you up in smaller groups of 6-8 so each member of your group will play a critical part in finding, decyphering and solving clues and puzzles to complete the mission. In our rooms, teamwork and communication are essential to success, just as in the workplace. EscapeQuest is also a great outlet in allowing your staff to interact outside of the workplace.

What if I need more information?

Our Special Events Coordinator can answer any of your questions and assist you with your planning to make your event perfect. Simply complete the form below and our Special Events Coordinator will contact you!

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